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Advertisement powered by Blockchain

Decentralized solution blockchain for Advertisers and Investors.

Time: 16th April 2019 – 06th May 2019


Token Sale Process & Bonus Structure

Private Pre-Sale 1
Time: 02th January 2019 – 19th February 2019
Bonus: up to 50%

Private Pre-Sale 2
Time: 20th February 2019 – 19th March 2019
Bonus: up to 35%
Public Pre-Sale 1
Time: 20th March 2019 – 26th March 2019
Bonus: up to 20%

Public Pre-Sale 2
Time: 27th March 2019 – 02th April 2019
Bonus: up to 15%

Public Pre-Sale 3
Time: 03th April 2019 – 09th April 2019
Bonus: up 10%

Public Pre-Sale 4
Time: 10th April 2019 – 15th April 2019
Bonus: up to 5%
Time: 16th April 2019 – 06th May 2019
Bonus: No bonus

Ojooo - The Vision

As a committed team of developers, we at Ojooo want to revolutionize advertising – nothing more and nothing less. We believe, that advertising does not have to be annoying anymore. We believe that advertising is informative, that advertising is fun and that people like looking at advertising, because we treat users and advertisers as partners. As acomplices, in a way, who mutually respect each other. Only on that basis they can swap information – voluntarily and to their mutual advantage.

Our Vision

Advertiser places an advertising
He manages the advertising via the Ojooo Dashboard
The advertising appears on Ojooo
Real users with real interests
User looks at advertising - shows interest and gets a bonus / a reward

Ojooo Blockchain Model

Investments often include the risk that a planned product will not be developed to completion. The advantage of investing in the Ojooo AG is, that the company already has a current product and an existing and operating business model. With the purchase of an Ojooo token, investors support the future path of the company and directly participate in the success.

Token distribution

Ojooo Founder & Team Ojooo Shareholder ICO Business & Technical Partner Strategic Partnership Bounty Private & Public Token Sale

ICO Roadmap

  • Founding of Ojooo AG
  • Development of the Ojooo platform
  • Introduction of the Ojooo WAD platform
  • Introduction of the mobile version of the Ojooo WAD platform 1.0
  • Founding of Ojooo Inc. in Florida, US
  • Start Ojooo ICO
2019 Q1
  • Ojooo WAD Redesign
2019 Q2
  • Conversion of the payment processing to crypto for the WAD platform
  • Introduction of the Peer-2-Peer blackboard
  • Additional function "Charitable donations"
  • Profile expansion wiht Status LeveL
  • Introduction of a „Social Board“
2019 Q3
  • Additional function „Daily Challenge“
  • Additional function „Advertising interaction“
2019 Q4
  • Introduction „Brand Security“
  • Update of the mobile version 1.1 (App)
  • Hardware (Ojooo Phone)

The Ojooo team

Since 2011 our team has been working with passion, insatiable curiosity and technical know-how on finding the best solutions for the demands of a changing world. Whether advertising professional, cryptographie expert, developer or designer: We make use of the individual competences and longstanding experience within our team for comprehensive approaches. We develop our ideas together, because great things can only be achieved as a team.


Darius Krakowski

Founder & Board

Michael Thees


Tomas Zorn

Chairman of the board

Sabine Tödter

Supervisory board

Natalia Kanivets

Investor Relations

Konstantin Kanivets

East European Sales Department

Technical Team

Zbigniew Grzywocz

Supervisory Board / Lead Project Manager

Development Team

Andrzej Pawliński

Infrastructure Engineer Network & Traffic Manager

Paweł Koneczny

Backend developer

Radosław Matysewicz

Internet Application Programmer

Paweł Juzwa

BI & Backend Developer

Bartek Graczyk

Blockchain Developer

Jakub Turliński

Blockchain & Smart Contract Developer

Wojciech Skrzypek


Piotr Biel


Marek Piszczałka

Social media

Chris Oglaza

VoIP and IMS project specialist

Michał Kozłowski

VoIP and IMS project specialist


Alexander Schiller

Marketing Lead

Melanie Mahling

Communication Lead

Phong Dao

ICO & STO Lead

Robert Malec

Technical Lead

Partners & Supporters

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