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Advertisement powered by Blockchain

Decentralized solution blockchain for Advertisers and Investors.

Sale of OJX tokens ends on October 25

Sale of OJX tokens ends on October 25


Ojooo ICO

June 11, 201811.6.2018
Pre-sale 1: $2,1 M
August 2, 20182.8.2018
Pre-sale 2: $3,6 M
September 14, 201814.9.2018
Ojooo ICO: $7 M
January, 20191.1.2019
Total: $12,7 M

We change the world of advertising

The Ojooo platform is a unique place the advertisers and the advertising addressees from all over the World meet, all interested in various goods or services.


The Ojooo platform

On today's competitive advertisement market it's important to keep up with the trends and build the greatest possible number of prospects. Defining the target consumer group for your advertisement is just too little. What you need is a proper tactics that helps you gather the customers around your message and encourage them to use the suggested offer.


Market and competition

The online advertising market is extremely competitive. That is because social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter & Co. play an increasingly important role. More and more advertisers recognize the potential of social media marketing for themselves and willing to invest in this sector. Also because they have to. And because the decline in reach for Facebook marketing is experienced and the competition from other active companies is increasing, the advertising on Facebook – just as in other social networks – has become indispensable.

In the United States alone, the expenses for online advertising currently amount to over US$ 30 billion – and rising. Also increasing is the slice that social media ads take out of the digital advertising cake.

In the year 2017 advertising on Facebook and Twitter Ads together represented a good third of the total expenses for online advertising on the American market. Mobile advertising also becomes more and more popular. A study by eMarketer on online advertising of American companies from March 2015 illustrates how important social media advertising has become in the meantime.

In 2015, Facebook generated revenues of US$ 6.82 billion with advertisements on its platform. That is a quarter of the total market revenue and is nearly double the revenue of Google AdWords. In year 2017 this value increased by 47% to the impressive amount of US$ 10 billion.

The Ojooo project

The common basis for all Ojooo services is an innovative form of advertisement - the Earn per View Online and Mobile Advertising (EPV) from Ojooo. Ojooo offers companies advertising space and user data through the Ojooo app, as well as the Ojooo portal, based on blockchain technology.



June 11, 2018
Pre-sales 1
August 2, 2018
Pre-sales 2
September 14, 2018
Ojooo ICO
January, 2019
Token Trade

Token bonus structure

Pre-sales 1
June 11, 2018
50% Bonus
$ 0,035
 60.000.000 OJX
Pre-sales 2
August 2, 2018
35% Bonus
$ 0,045
 80.000.000 OJX
Ojooo ICO
September 14, 2018
  0% Bonus
$ 0,070
100.000.000 OJX

Token distribution

Reserved for presale and ICO Reserved for future business with strategic partners For customer loyality and promotions of product acceptance Reserved for founders and employees

Distribution of financial resources

Planned for the development of the Ojooo platform For the administration For the development of our 10% business and sales network Planned for marketing purposes Planned for the development of the Ojooo AdPlatform

Core Team


Darius Krakowski


Economist, project manager, entrepreneur and investor - for almost two decades in the IT industry. He is passionate about technological novelties in the field of hardware and software. An idealist, striving to make the world - at least the nearest one - get better every day. He always tries to "be" more" than "to have", which in no way interferes with the creation of profitable projects. Not only has he a unique talent for team creation and management but he is also an initiator and mentor of many successful internet projects. He is characterized by unusual persistence in pursuing his goals, high determination, eternal optimism, patience and courage in making business decisions. Faith in enterprises, ideas, people and technologies of tomorrow and great success do not allow him to stop. That is why, he is constantly taking on new challenges.

Michael Thees


Economist having both feet on the ground. Realism, flexibility and an open mind are important to him. He thinks independently looking at events from outside and with the right distance. He always has his own strategy and being sure of it, he patiently realizes it. He is characterised by high skills in business analysis, operations and project management, as well as marketing and development strategies.


James D`Loughy


James D’Loughy, Esq., is the founding member of Advisor Law PLLC. Mr. D’Loughy represents clients in complex and contentious business matters involving business transactions (domestic and international), on- and offshore asset protection, company law, Internet and technology law, mergers and acquisitions, commercial litigation, corporate investigations, and debt collection matters

Sabine Tödter

General Counsel

Over 30 years of professional experience in financial advisory and management consulting, national and international debt collection

Artur Wieckowski

Projektmanager, IT-Specialist and Data Protection Officer

A large practical know-how based on 15 years of professional experience in programming and IT project management. As a certified projectmanager (ITIL, PRINCE 2) he develops, designs and implements complex projects based on appropriate management tools. He advises and supports companies in data protection for about 6 years as a certified data protection officer. His personal skills are characterized by analytical thinking and conceptional work. He is committed to the projects and appears confident and convincing. He works very willingly in a team, and in stressful situations he always finds the optimal solution.


Zbigniew Grzywocz

Project manager

Project manager with extensive experience in managing corporate and sales processes, which he has gained while working on strategic IT projects for 14 years.He finds fulfilment in motivating people to work and managing a project team. He has a large managerial workshop necessary for the successful implementation of a business idea or strategy. Gained experience, certifications, training and foreign language skills enable him to work in international teams. Efficiently navigating IT, fast learning and motivation are all his advantages as a project manager. Management methodology is his good point of reference when overcoming the difficulties and problems encountered.

Apostolos Vezos

Head of the sales department

A highly experienced sales and negotiating specialist. He has extensive experience in the field of technology with a focus on development and challenges. Enthusiast of marketing and communication, successfully develops and implements strategic messages and content for multi-channel initiatives from consumer engagement. A process-oriented leader with experience in all aspects of marketing management - defining, planning, prioritizing, risk assessment and resource allocation.

Konstantin Kanivets

IR Director

Project Manager, entrepreneur, and investor - more than 15 years in marketing. Licensed professional in coordination with investors. Passionate about development of communication technologies and their implementation both in private sector and, to a greater extent, among principal users. He is a highly qualified negotiator and committed to the idea that either you hold negotiations or you are being negotiated with. An expert in arrangement and holding the system smart workshops and presentations. He claims that “to know” and “to understand” are different things. He is a practical man, who always strives to be ahead of the game. He achieves his goals. Leader and a team player. He is certain that you can achieve more only joining your forces.


Andrzej Pawliński

System Administrator

System Administrator. He has been dealing with computers and Internet technology since the nineties. He perfectly remembers times when not everyone believed in the future of the Internet. An advocate of the Open Source movement. At work, he primarily uses operating systems from native Linux / Unix. He is passionate about their unlimited possibilities of applications. He has extensive experience in various IT projects.

Paweł Koneczny


Programmer. A graduate of Computer Science at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Automatics and Computer Science in Opole. Eight years of experience in innovative projects, mainly affiliate systems. Proficient in the use of modern methods of creating web applications and hybrid mobile applications.

Radosław Matysewicz

Internet Application Programmer

Internet Application Programmer with 20 years of experience. A graduate of the Faculty of Computer Science at the Białystok University of Technology. He co-created a huge number of projects in various technologies, also a database designer. A specialist in code optimization, a proponent of simple and effective solutions.

Paweł Juzwa

Computer Science Engineer

Computer Science Engineer, graduate of the Faculty of Computer Science of the PWSZ in Nysa, an enthusiast of broadly understood information technology. A web and mobile application developer, constantly developing his experience in the IT industry, including the design and creation of application front and backend as well as database support.

Bartłomiej Graczyk


Programmer with over 10 years of experience developing on the web, mobile and blockchain. He is a high-class professional in the field of cryptography, he has extensive knowledge in many areas of business - sales, operations, strategies, etc. Involved in many projects within blockchain and cryptocurrency

Jakub Turliński

Specialist in Blockchain technology

Programmer, designer and administrator of computer systems, specialist in Blockchain technology. He has many years of experience in programming with an emphasis on application security. He is also an adviser of platforms built on Ethereum basis.

Wojciech Skrzypek

UX Designer

Master of Computer Science at the University of Szczecin. Over 15 years of experience in the IT industry allows him to use HTML5, JS and CSS technologies proficiently. Currently, he occupies the position of UX designer, focusing on websites and mobile applications, ensuring their maximum intuitiveness. He is responsible for creating concepts, graphic designs and materials for both websites and printing. For many years, she has been professionally involved in the creation of films and animations as well as 3D modeling.

Piotr Biel

Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer with 10 years of experience in the field of visual identification design for companies. Successfully implementing large on-line and off-line projects. He is involved in the comprehensive development of graphic designs for the needs of marketing communication and the IT industry. He has high qualifications in graphic design, postprocessing processes and multimedia projects. In the first place, he always focuses on quality and full commitment in his work.

Social media

Marek Piszczałka

Social Media Manager

Social Media Manager. Master of the Wrocław University in the field of "Journalism and Social Communication". Passionate about artistic photography, graphic designer, journalist, editor.

Natalia Kanivets

Creative Director

Member of the Board of OJOOO INC. Licensed professional in product and service marketing, IR specialist. Her motto: “Hurry to do good”. President of the Board of All-Russia Non-Governmental Organization “Russian Business Woman” Editor-in-Chief of the magazine “Zhenskiy uspekh” (Woman’s Success). Author and host of the program “Storytelling in the Russian Style”. Founder of the national award “Storytelling in the Russian Style”. She is involved in development and promotion of development strategies for modern communications. She establishes the unified system of interaction in social, political, business, and economic areas, as well as science and education for all-round development of the individual’s consciousness. She creates an international promotional and information network. Conferences in United Nations. Trainings and workshop sessions within the framework of the program “Storytelling for Business People”.

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