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The problem in the advertising market


The Ojooo project




Market and competition


Distribution channels


Planned product marketing


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Token Launch


9.1. Token bonus structure


9.2. Token distribution


9.3. Distribution of financial resources




Core Team


Legal form and relevant provisions



1. Introduction

In today's competitive advertising market, it's important to keep up with trends to reach the maximum number of potential customers. Only the definition of the target group for your advertising is not enough. A suitable tactic and technique is needed that draws potential customers' attention to the message and encourages them to take advantage of the advertised offer. Ojooo plans to initiate an ICO.

The resulting funds are used to build a completely new blockchain-driven advertising and trading platform for high-quality advertising in the online area. This platform is unique in its kind and has the potential to become a standard in the international advertising market. It will give all advertisers the ability to market their products to a worldwide market and facilitate access to buyers and users. It creates a win-win situation for both sides of the advertising process. Users are rewarded with OJX tokens (earn-per-view) for viewing ads and sharing their own data, and the advertiser is sure that they have reached the intended recipient and that they have actually perceived the content of the ad. All this means that the advertising is received much more positive than in the traditional media and thereby unfold their full effect.

The name of the token is: OJX

2. The problem in the advertising market

Traditional advertising doesn't work anymore!

A contemporary consumer is resistant to the traditional advertising forms, sensitive to obtrusive messages and he perceives the world totally different than the previous generations did. TV and press, as the most important media in the current century, have completely lost their powers. Newspapers gradually disappear from the market, and people don't watch TV anymore or prefer surfing their smartphones when advertisements are displayed. Nowadays, the Internet, among other information sources, provides advertisers with the most opportunities for advertising. An Internet advertisement just seems to be easy. Increasing information overload and millions of messages have made people ignore advertisements and filter internet contents to those of their interests. Flickering banners and popping out advertisements irritate all the users, that is why they use adds blockers willingly. According to the newest reports, the AdBlock has been currently used by more than 200 million of users all over the world. This number has been increasing by several dozen percent per year. As estimations show, along with popularization of blocking programs, there is an increase in the global losses of advertisers and editors. The cost of blocked advertisement displays has been ca. $ 42 bln. in 2017. The advertising contents become gradually less and less visible in the network and the users perceive the aggressively advertising brands poorly. Presently, the advertisers strive to regain customer confidence and enhance the offer quality of their advertising. What is needed is a solution that will cater to the needs of both the commercial addresses and the advertisers. In addition, there is much data abuse in today's times. Data is stolen, unlawfully collected and sold. The affected people are no longer in control of their own data as they have become transparent people. Some data can uniquely identify one person, while others can only identify larger groups. For example, a postcode may stand for thousands of people, while a surname may mean a much smaller number of people. However, some "harmless" data can be combined to produce a unique "fingerprint" that can be traced back to an individual. If you live in Europe, there is a high probability that the birth date, gender, and zip code combination can uniquely identify you without needing your name. Digital advertising uses exactly this functionality. At this point, perhaps somewhere in the cloud, there's a database containing detailed information about you: websites you've looked at, things you've shared on social media, people you know and interact with, where you come from, your age and gender and possibly information about your sexual orientation. If this data might seem harmless one by one, the fact that someone has collected all that data under a single ID should alarm you.

3. The Ojooo project

The common basis for all Ojooo services is an innovative form of advertisement - the Earn per View Online and Mobile Advertising (EPV) from Ojooo. Ojooo offers companies advertising space and user data through the Ojooo app, as well as the Ojooo portal, based on blockchain technology. It can be advertised both with the help of text advertising, as well as all common graphic advertising formats. The app collects very high-quality user data. Advertisers may gain access to this information upon user consent. This data enables advertising that is optimally adapted to the context and perfectly personalized and thus can have the maximum effect.

Users can choose between an ad-free app and the display of ads. With Ojooo, potential customers can discover products faster. The peculiarity here represents the remuneration of the users for the consent of the insertion of advertisement - Earn per View and the sharing of their user data. This means that users will be rewarded with OJX tokens for displaying ads on the Ojooo portal or in the Ojooo app, as well as for sharing their own data.

Ojooo treats the data collected strictly according to the General Data Protection Regulation GDPR. Personal information is carefully separated from other data at Ojooo to avoid uniquely identifying the user.

What data does Ojooo collect about the user?

To use the Ojooo app, the user is required for tax reasons to provide his personal information. It contains data such as name, address, date of birth, salutation, telephone number and e-mail address. In addition, the user is asked for further information, such as the type of products he is looking for. Are these products for men or women, or maybe both? Thanks to the geolocation in the Ojooo app, the location of the user can be determined, e.g. Avoid advertising of products that cannot be delivered to this location.

The valuable data at Ojooo is not the personal data, but data describing the behavior of the user as part of their purchases or the product search. Ojooo stores which products users search for and buy, as well as the exact attributes of the products. How often and for how long were which products viewed and which of these products were actually purchased? Users at Ojooo decide for themselves if the advertisers will be granted access to the data. The data is in encrypted form on the servers.

The advertisers also register in Ojooo and can then gain access to the users' data. Thanks to this data, advertisements can be displayed that are adapted to the context and perfectly personalized. This means that users who are looking for a wristwatch for men with a black bracelet will actually see advertising for watches and no advertising for women's shoes.

The advertiser must specify which audience he wants to reach and how much the OJX token budget will be applied when starting a new campaign. The OJX tokens are then transferred from the advertiser's account to a smart contract based on the Ethereum Blockchain. Users need to take two steps to be rewarded with OJX tokens for sharing the data, as well as watching ads.

In the first step, the users prove with the cryptographic key that they are the owners of the data. As a result, advertisers have temporary access to users' data and the right to present product recommendations to the user. Once the user has seen the ads, he confirms that. The confirmation will then be sent to the smart contract in the second and final step, releasing the OJX Token Reward. Once the campaign is completed, any unissued amounts will be returned to the advertiser, and access to all user data will be revoked.

Users can freely dispose of earned OJX tokens. They can, for example, take advantage of Ojooo's fee-based services, place their own advertisements, pay for their purchases at the dealers or keep the OJX tokens simple and benefit from the rising value of the OJX tokens. Ojooo offers a complex platform with real added value for all users. The interest of a person is a decisive driver with regard to perception and effect of online and mobile advertising campaigns. An active interest in the subject of a campaign ensures that a user is much more open to this advertisement. This ensures a greater advertising impact.

The financial element of the Ojooo Earn per View online and mobile advertisings activate the online or smartphone user also in relation to the brand. Users who had contact with the Ojooo Earn per View online and mobile advertisings were significantly more inclined to use the brand.

It’s all about harmony and technical progress!

It is important to the online or/and smartphone user, that the online or mobile advertising blends in well with the content and does not superimpose the content. Creativity and the use of innovative technology is especially popular with the users. Who dares, wins: The dominance of the Ojooo Earn per View online and mobile advertisings.

The Ojooo Earn per View online and mobile advertising creates an added value for the advertiser and the recipient.

The user recognizes and assesses this special mechanism as something positive, and that also sheds a positive light on the brand.

Clear superiority concerning the advertising impact.

The advertising recall is very positively influenced by the use of the Ojooo Earn per View online and mobile advertising.

The use of the Ojooo Earn per View online and mobile advertising is worthwhile in two respects:

The advertiser can score points with the user and at the same time achieve valuable effects for his brand. Therefore, the Ojooo Earn per View online and mobile advertising is an enrichment of the mobile communication activities to set the right accents in a specific manner.

4. Vision

Our purpose is a permanent change in the advertising market. Ojooo will be a real alternative to current forms of advertising. Advertisers should be able to use the advertising budget more deliberately. The price performance index in relation to the advertising campaign will be maximized. Advertising should be conducted uncompromisingly under the current European legislation of data protection. Sales of personal data and crimes related to that will be reduced. The receipt of advertising by the user will become more positive. Recipients will use Ojooo with the expectation of the best possible content and will not be distracted from its purpose by perceiving unwanted advertising. The receipt of the advertised content and the image of the company will be positively supported. We believe that Blockchain technology will make a contribution to data security, payment processing, simplifying the complex challenges of the digital world and will have a significant impact on the future in the world of advertising.

5. Market and competition

The online advertising market is extremely competitive. That is because Google, YouTube and social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter play an increasingly important role. More and more advertisers recognize the potential of social media marketing for themselves and willing to invest in this sector. Only in the United States, the expenses for online advertising currently amount to over US$ 107 billion – and rising. Digital advertising is becoming more and more significant in the context of the whole marketing machine. Mobile advertising also becomes more and more popular. In 2017, the cost of advertising on Facebook and Twitter accounted for a quarter of the total cost related to online advertising expenditure on the US market. In 2016, Facebook generated revenues of US$ 12,37 billion with advertisements on its platform. It is one-fifth of the total advertising market. In year 2017 this value increased by 45% to the impressive amount of US$ 17,97 billion.

Although advertising on Twitter has not been possible for a long time, the microblogging service reaches US$ 1,17 billion of the revenues. According to the projection by eMarketer, the growing demand for advertising on social media will result in increased expenditure on mobile advertising in the future.

This is also due to the fact that users has an easily access to their own profiles by using mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

In 2014, desktop advertising continued to maintain a high profit level of $ 12.56 billion, compared to advertising on mobile devices. According to recent estimates (source of statistics), online desktop advertising will change in global advertising expenditure in 2019, compared to 2016. Turnover is expected to decline by approximately 11.9%, while turnover from mobile advertising will increase by 80.5%. Ojooo draws very important conclusions from these statistics. Mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones will become the most important distribution channel for online advertising in the future.

Ojooo, in comparison to competing projects, is a unique solution in category of advertising.
Other projects in this area are based on matching the advertisement to the needs of the recipient, however, the recipient is not rewarded in the entire process of advertising. Creators of such projects mention three participants who benefit from the advertising process:
- RECIPIENT – advertisement will be matched to consumers needs and expectations. However, it is the only benefit that they may recieve in the whole advertising process.
- ADVERTISER – matched advertisement makes it more effective
- PUBLISHER – as page become more noticable and more attractive to advertisers, publishers' income are increasing

Those projects, in its assumption, are still based on displaying advertisements while browsing the Internet. Recipients who have previously used ad blocking tools will most likely continue to do so. Their attitude to internet advertising is unlikely to change radically, despite the fact that the displayed content will be adjusted to their expectations and needs. Competitive projects also refer in their assumptions to the recipient involvement in an advertising campaign and making them participants in such a campaign. Competitors also proposed tools based on an extensive form of interaction with the user. An additional participant in the advertising process is a group of experts who selects the most appropriate persons from among users to conduct a specific advertising or image campaign. Only people active in social media have a chance to participate in such a campaign. In the intention of the creators of such projects, the user receives benefits. However, it depends on the choice of experts and the prediction of the entrusted task. Ojooo's goal is simple and convenient engaging recipient in the advertising process. Participation in shares organized by an advertiser is not required, in which the recipient is obliged to extensive interaction in order to obtain remuneration. Ojooo rewards recipient for voluntary sharing target data with the help of Smart Contract and for their time spending on watching ads. Being aware of the current customer behavior, we do not introduce additional, long-term commitment to participation in the promotion.

6. Distribution channels

The main objective of the advertising strategy is to present the range of services of Ojooo to a group of customers that is preferable as international as possible. The expected result is to strengthen the awareness of the Ojooo brand and its services within the target group. The number of the Ojooo users shall increase constantly. The Ojooo brand as well as the offered products and services shall become better known. The innovative service and product structure and their extension will become a strong competitor for advertising and communication companies as well as for auction platforms worldwide. In the future, the Ojooo services will become the standard on the market.

7.Planned product marketing

Social networks – Designing of company site on the most popular networks (Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, LinkedIn, XING, Ojooo.me, etc.). Possible placement of information and multimedia material. Possibility of customer retention.

Search Engines – All search engines already deliver a lot of results to Ojooo in the organic search. In addition, Ojooo should also be advertised via Ad-Words, this allows the display of sponsored links in the search results of the search engine and on the pages that work together within the program Google Ad-Sense.

Press portals – Promotional articles and texts concerning the services and characteristics of Ojooo will be placed on generally accessible press portals.

Blogs – Regular placement of information about the products and services, novelties and changes.

Internet forums – The objective of the activities is to familiarize users with the Ojooo services and the Ojooo brand.

8. Roadmap


- Formation of the core team


- Launch of the Ojooo Ad Platform with basic functionality


- Launch of the Ojooo app for iOS and Android with basic functionality


- Founding Ojooo Inc.


- Token pre-sale 1


- Token pre-sale 2


- Ojooo ICO


- Token Trade


- Launch of the Ojooo app with blockchain functionality


- Launch of the Ojooo ad platform with blockchain functionality

9. Token Launch

Ojooo issues a total of 400.000.000 OJX tokens, of which 240.000.000 are sold during the Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

. Ojooo will not release any additional tokens once the total of 400.000.000 tokens have been issued.

During the ICO only Ethereum (ETH) is accepted as a means of payment.

The OJX Token is an ERC-20 utility token that can be purchased during pre-sales and ICO.

Below you will find the most important information about the OJX token sale:

Pre-sale 1: June 11, 2018 at 11:00 UTC until August 02, 2018 at 11:00 UTC

Pre-sale 2: August 02, 2018 at 11:00 UTC until September 14, 2018 at 11:00 UTC

ICO: September 14, 2018 at 11:00 UTC until October 25, 2018 at 11:00 UTC

Total Token Count: 400.000.000 OJX

Tokens for sale: 240.000.000, -

Value: 1 OJX = 0,07 $ (+ bonus)

Accepted currency: ETH

9.1.Token bonus structure

During pre-sales 1, running from June 11, 2018 at 11:00 UTC until August 02, 2018 at 11:00 UTC, the following bonus will be granted: 60.000.000 OJX, 1 OJX = 0,035 $ - 50% bonus.

During pre-sales 2, running from August 02, 2018 at 11:00 UTC until September 14, 2018 at 11:00 UTC, the following bonus will be granted: 80.000.000 OJX, 1 OJX = 0,045 $ - 35% bonus.

During the ICO from September 14, 2018, 11:00 UTC until October 25, 2018 at 11:00 UTC: 100.000.000 OJX, 1 OJX = 0,07 $ - No bonus will be granted.

9.2. Token distribution

As part of the OJX token distribution

60% of the tokens is reserved for pre-sale and ICO.

25% is reserved for the founders as well as current and future team members.

10% is used as an incentive for the first Ojooo users and to promote faster product acceptance, as well as customer loyalty.

5% is earmarked for future business with strategic partners.

9.3. Distribution of financial resources

The use of the funds from the token sale is planned for the following purposes:

30% of token sales revenue is earmarked for the development of the Ojooo platform

25% will be invested in the development of the Ojooo AdPlatform.

25% will be used for marketing purposes to promote the Ojooo platform worldwide.

15% is used for the development of our business and sales network.

5% will be reserved for administration (security, legal advice, bookkeeping).

9.4. OJX Token function

The OJX Token does not grant any rights in the project or company. Instead, it should be used by the users as a method of payment after completion of the project. It is an ERC20 Utility Token. We strongly believe in the success of our project. It will increase the demand for our OJX token and profits on transaction platforms will be also increased. Therefore, the token has its inexpressible value.

10. Founder

The idea provider, founder and main shareholder of Ojooo is Mr. Darius Krakowski and Michael Thees. Mr. Krakowski is currently active on the board of directors of the company. The portal Ojooo.com was put on the market in 2011. Since then a continuous and consistent further development of the company has taken place. Ojooo aspires to create a large and complex internet portal with international character. Currently, the company has over 1.5 million registered users of the portal ojooo.com worldwide. The number of users is constantly growing. Since 2011 alone, the platform ojooo.com counted more than 1 billion visitors. The service andproduct structure of Ojooo is based on a service consisting of two pillars of services resp. products:



All two divisions offer both free and paid for services and products. The free services refinance themselves through advertising revenues; they increase the revenue of ojooo.com and they generate new customers for fee-based services.

11. Core Team


Darius Krakowski


Economist, project manager, entrepreneur and investor - for almost two decades in the IT industry. He is passionate about technological novelties in the field of hardware and software. An idealist, striving to make the world - at least the nearest one - get better every day. He always tries to "be" more" than "to have", which in no way interferes with the creation of profitable projects. Not only has he a unique talent for team creation and management but he is also an initiator and mentor of many successful internet projects. He is characterized by unusual persistence in pursuing his goals, high determination, eternal optimism, patience and courage in making business decisions. Faith in enterprises, ideas, people and technologies of tomorrow and great success do not allow him to stop. That is why, he is constantly taking on new challenges.

Michael Thees


Economist having both feet on the ground. Realism, flexibility and an open mind are important to him. He thinks independently looking at events from outside and with the right distance. He always has his own strategy and being sure of it, he patiently realizes it. He is characterised by high skills in business analysis, operations and project management, as well as marketing and development strategies.


James D`Loughy


James D’Loughy, Esq., is the founding member of Advisor Law PLLC. Mr. D’Loughy represents clients in complex and contentious business matters involving business transactions (domestic and international), on- and offshore asset protection, company law, Internet and technology law, mergers and acquisitions, commercial litigation, corporate investigations, and debt collection matters

Sabine Tödter

General Counsel

Over 30 years of professional experience in financial advisory and management consulting, national and international debt collection

Artur Wieckowski

Projektmanager, IT-Specialist and Data Protection Officer

A large practical know-how based on 15 years of professional experience in programming and IT project management. As a certified projectmanager (ITIL, PRINCE 2) he develops, designs and implements complex projects based on appropriate management tools. He advises and supports companies in data protection for about 6 years as a certified data protection officer. His personal skills are characterized by analytical thinking and conceptional work. He is committed to the projects and appears confident and convincing. He works very willingly in a team, and in stressful situations he always finds the optimal solution.


Zbigniew Grzywocz

Project manager

Project manager with extensive experience in managing corporate and sales processes, which he has gained while working on strategic IT projects for 14 years.He finds fulfilment in motivating people to work and managing a project team. He has a large managerial workshop necessary for the successful implementation of a business idea or strategy. Gained experience, certifications, training and foreign language skills enable him to work in international teams. Efficiently navigating IT, fast learning and motivation are all his advantages as a project manager. Management methodology is his good point of reference when overcoming the difficulties and problems encountered.

Apostolos Vezos

Head of the sales department

A highly experienced sales and negotiating specialist. He has extensive experience in the field of technology with a focus on development and challenges. Enthusiast of marketing and communication, successfully develops and implements strategic messages and content for multi-channel initiatives from consumer engagement. A process-oriented leader with experience in all aspects of marketing management - defining, planning, prioritizing, risk assessment and resource allocation.

Konstantin Kanivets

IR Director

Project Manager, entrepreneur, and investor - more than 15 years in marketing. Licensed professional in coordination with investors. Passionate about development of communication technologies and their implementation both in private sector and, to a greater extent, among principal users. He is a highly qualified negotiator and committed to the idea that either you hold negotiations or you are being negotiated with. An expert in arrangement and holding the system smart workshops and presentations. He claims that “to know” and “to understand” are different things. He is a practical man, who always strives to be ahead of the game. He achieves his goals. Leader and a team player. He is certain that you can achieve more only joining your forces.


Andrzej Pawliński

System Administrator

System Administrator. He has been dealing with computers and Internet technology since the nineties. He perfectly remembers times when not everyone believed in the future of the Internet. An advocate of the Open Source movement. At work, he primarily uses operating systems from native Linux / Unix. He is passionate about their unlimited possibilities of applications. He has extensive experience in various IT projects.

Paweł Koneczny


Programmer. A graduate of Computer Science at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Automatics and Computer Science in Opole. Eight years of experience in innovative projects, mainly affiliate systems. Proficient in the use of modern methods of creating web applications and hybrid mobile applications.

Radosław Matysewicz

Internet Application Programmer

Internet Application Programmer with 20 years of experience. A graduate of the Faculty of Computer Science at the Białystok University of Technology. He co-created a huge number of projects in various technologies, also a database designer. A specialist in code optimization, a proponent of simple and effective solutions.

Paweł Juzwa

Computer Science Engineer

Computer Science Engineer, graduate of the Faculty of Computer Science of the PWSZ in Nysa, an enthusiast of broadly understood information technology. A web and mobile application developer, constantly developing his experience in the IT industry, including the design and creation of application front and backend as well as database support.

Bartłomiej Graczyk


Programmer with over 10 years of experience developing on the web, mobile and blockchain. He is a high-class professional in the field of cryptography, he has extensive knowledge in many areas of business - sales, operations, strategies, etc. Involved in many projects within blockchain and cryptocurrency

Jakub Turliński

Specialist in Blockchain technology

Programmer, designer and administrator of computer systems, specialist in Blockchain technology. He has many years of experience in programming with an emphasis on application security. He is also an adviser of platforms built on Ethereum basis.

Wojciech Skrzypek

UX Designer

Master of Computer Science at the University of Szczecin. Over 15 years of experience in the IT industry allows him to use HTML5, JS and CSS technologies proficiently. Currently, he occupies the position of UX designer, focusing on websites and mobile applications, ensuring their maximum intuitiveness. He is responsible for creating concepts, graphic designs and materials for both websites and printing. For many years, she has been professionally involved in the creation of films and animations as well as 3D modeling.

Piotr Biel

Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer with 10 years of experience in the field of visual identification design for companies. Successfully implementing large on-line and off-line projects. He is involved in the comprehensive development of graphic designs for the needs of marketing communication and the IT industry. He has high qualifications in graphic design, postprocessing processes and multimedia projects. In the first place, he always focuses on quality and full commitment in his work.

Social media

Marek Piszczałka

Social Media Manager

Social Media Manager. Master of the Wrocław University in the field of "Journalism and Social Communication". Passionate about artistic photography, graphic designer, journalist, editor.

Natalia Kanivets

Creative Director

Member of the Board of OJOOO INC. Licensed professional in product and service marketing, IR specialist. Her motto: “Hurry to do good”. President of the Board of All-Russia Non-Governmental Organization “Russian Business Woman” Editor-in-Chief of the magazine “Zhenskiy uspekh” (Woman’s Success). Author and host of the program “Storytelling in the Russian Style”. Founder of the national award “Storytelling in the Russian Style”. She is involved in development and promotion of development strategies for modern communications. She establishes the unified system of interaction in social, political, business, and economic areas, as well as science and education for all-round development of the individual’s consciousness. She creates an international promotional and information network. Conferences in United Nations. Trainings and workshop sessions within the framework of the program “Storytelling for Business People”.

There are currently 30 employees working on the project.

12. Legal form and relevant provisions

For logistic, personal, fiscal and some other reasons, Ojooo AG acts as a company based on German legal regulations.

13. Disclaimer

The offer to buy OJX tokens described in this white paper is a voluntary contribution to the development of the project by the current and future Ojooo team. The OJX Token grants neither a right to repayment nor does it represent a direct stake in the Ojooo company or a profit sharing. In addition, there is no ownership or current or future claim to the Ojooo Platform, revenue, or intellectual property.

Every buyer of OJX Tokens must be aware that despite all efforts by Ojooo to further develop the project, the contributions paid will not be refunded. In addition, each buyer must accept the risk of project failure, which may be influenced by internal or external factors that cannot be influenced by Ojooo.

Ojooo believes that you agree that you have fully considered all risk factors, including, but not limited to, fluctuations in crypto prices and markets in general, the risks of system failure, the risks of code loss, errors, hardware failure, data loss, Theft, Lost Usernames, Passwords or Private Keys, Incorrectly Executed Transactions and / or Hacks which, among other things, may result in the complete loss of the token.


Ojooo AG

Am Kaiserkai 69

20457 Hamburg


Ojooo Group

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